Theme: uncertainty. This theme came through well in the shots of branches with depth of field. My approach is that any theme includes its opposite (very librarian) – so decisiveness (or certainty) came through as well. The last shot, a bold bar of yellow light on green (with my shadow over it) suggests a defined way forward, an obvious path. The golden photos are 4:15pm light in December – so beautiful and soft. It was very cold to be standing around but this light is worth it. In summer there is a harsher ‘golden hour’ before sunset and really the desire to wake very early to have access to soft light. All the squirrels seemed to agree that this was the hour to dig up acorns and munch them – all the better for making them reluctant to run away when I got too close with my 100mm lens! And fluffball plants at sunset – why not?!


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