South Goldstream, Greater Victoria, BC

It has been ages since I’ve visited Goldstream Provincial Park. This time around it took two buses and another hour of walking – 4 hours’ travel total, from Oak Bay. Victoria is such a car city. Well you could try cycling but that’s still a trek and I’m not equal to the challenge of being the smallest vehicle on the road! It was a beautiful day and this waterfall almost made up for the fact that I was stuck on one side of Goldstream park. How could I have forgotten that the Malahat highway runs through the middle of it and there is no way of safely crossing it? If the provincial parks people wish us to make full use of parks, be healthy, prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc, then perhaps consider:

1. A pedestrian crossing

2. a wider shoulder or even a sidewalk along the Malahat

3. A bus system that can get a person from Victoria to the park with minimal fuss and muss

Because I was here on a Sunday and I only saw a woman and her son, a man and his dog and one family splashing about in a river. Victoria, where were you? Perhaps trapped on the wrong side of the Malahat.


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