This is the first time I’ve used the multiple exposure setting on my Canon 70D. I’ve seen this technique used in art photography magazines. In the days of film it could be done using slides. As a child I remember using the preset to take 2 exposures and how this was always disappointingly overexposed with my point and shoot camera. With better equipment and instant results, why not put our DSLRs through their paces?

Today I used a tripod (an essential!), an 18-55mm lens and a poppy from my parents’ garden in the early morning light. I set the camera to take 4 exposures and I set the exposure to be under exposed by -1 (this was fine for 3 exposures but a bit over exposed for 4 so I would recommend finessing this). Besides angle of approach to the subject, a key variable is the amount of zoom. Here I started at 35mm and zoomed to 50mm (f5.6) while focusing on the centre of the poppy. Decent results for a head on angle though a bit busy shooting from a side angle (last photo).


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