Victoria Park & Ponsonby

Last day in New Zealand! I haven’t quite accepted that I am going back to BC today. I get two April the 6ths as well…interesting.

I started with a brilliant brunch of pancakes, sautéed caramelised banana, nut butter and bacon, fresh squeezed orange juice and a macchiato (for once not a flat white!) for dessert. The Buttermilk cafe is a laid back delight. Cereal and fruit is quick and easy most days but a rare brunch is an absolute treasure (at $30…).

My body knows it is travelling as I have eaten at regular intervals: frozen yogurt from Yogurt Story at 2, a chicken and mushroom pie from Pie Face at 4, and now an airport orange almond cake at 6. I took in much of the harbour and saw some awesome shops like this massive warehouse of power boats and the ‘Ocean hunter’ shop.

The art around the harbour is better than I thought at first- I love the poetry on the silos and there was a little gallery in grain storage containers. The pink buildings are the delightful Ponsonby library and gym.

Goodbye AKL & NZ – I’ll miss you and hope to return before too long.


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