The Rock: rock the boat but don’t roll the kayak

The highlight of my Bay of Islands tour for sure. We were water taxied to the houseboat at 5 and were given a tour of the main/ entertaining deck and shown our room on the upper deck. I even had the pleasure of trying to steer this former car ferry which was not easy!
We were treated to a bit of fishing, a kayak to see the awesome green phosphorescence and night sky, a BBQ dinner and a vertiginous but strangely snug upper bunk! The next day fortified by great porridge and manuka smoked snapper, we went snorkelling and saw many, many fish and kina (sea urchins). People were diving to gather them. We then paddled out to Motuarohia Island to take in one of the best views I’ve seen. And afterwards an expert demonstration and tasting of urchin (kina) roe, Trivally sashimi and green lipped mussels.
Great crew (Rowan, Ben, Conrad, and James) and a really unique experience.


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