Hunter valley wine trail

On a day with a 90% chance of rain in accessible Australia (Sydney and environs) where do you go and what do you do? If you’re me you hit the Hunter valley, the oldest wine region and a 2 hour drive from the CBD. We went to Iron Gate, Savannah, and Earnest Hill. These three do not distribute their wine, rather then only sell direct from the cellar door. In an area known for semillon and Shiraz I took a shine to an unoaked Chardonnay from Earnest Hill (also the CEO Shiraz and the botrytis) and the sparkling zibbibo and fortified muscat from Savannah. Semillon is a bit dry and thin for me although it makes quite an interesting dessert wine! We also learned to give a wine 3 sips – or more if it is nice!

Happily we found time to sample cheeses at Smelly Cheese (Tempus 2), chocolate, lunch at Oscars and coffee at Oliver’s at the service station. We in Canada have Tim Hortons donuts and burgers but in Sydney they have gluten free cookies, smoothies, and a display of healthy living books (written with a limited evidence base I should add!)!


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