Taranga Zoo: koala feeding time

The koala house woke up and came alive after the zookeeper arrived with an armful of eucalyptus branches. These he stuffed into a ring at the base of each tree while giving us information about koalas (koala means ‘no water’ as they don’t need to drink). I have never seen a koala climb, jump or eat before so this was quite special. The use of non-edible trees for habitat meant the arrival of food caused some activity, though in only two of the four koalas. We only saw one eat as the other opted not to, after clambering around a bit. Though the jumping shots are blurred a bit it is possible I think to discern a koala! A frozen jump shot might be quite gnarly but my lens was zoomed to 55mm and shooting at 1/80 so not fast enough for that. However I’m quite happy with these shots. It’s often hard enough work to locate an animal, get an unobstructed view, get it with its head up (though easily done with a feeding koala), get autofocus to work in low light, and try to remove distracting or ugly objects from the frame.


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