Seal colony (part 2)

I did a bit of bouldering in places to avoid basking seals after some advice from a group of roving geology students. I asked them why they weren’t sketching the seals which I assumed when I saw their clipboards! I almost passed up the opportunity to take photo 3 because I was starting to experience seal overload.

Towards the end of the colony, which seemed to stretch on infinitely, I surprised a sleeping seal. Being inert and liking to hide in crevices, the seal was hidden from view until it let out a wet phlegmy snort and I sort of did the same and staggered backwards. I like to think that animals understand when we accidentally try to walk over them. This wasn’t quite the case, but almost! My seal vigilance was starting to wilt in the now bright sun so I was relieved to see the end of the seal colony, the proper path (which I hadn’t seen in several hours) and the toilets.


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