Motuara Island and environs part 2

Another amazing moment was having a bellbird swoop down and land in a branch over my head- I couldn’t get away fast enough! Really, with my 75-300mm lens I actually had to move back to get a focused photo, resulting in the bird looking down its beak at me (photo 3). I took another which was funky and blurred of the bellbird in flight.

Often we’d hear birds singing in the bushes and the guide could identify and describe the birdsong. At times we wouldn’t see the singer because it was discretely hopping around in amongst some bushes. Robins were everywhere (photos 4-5, I managed to get the tree in perfect focus!) and very photogenic!

We came across basking fur seals on the way there (photo 7-8) and shags in high places (1-2) which hygienic ally pooped into the sea, whereas the King shag and friends covered a rock in white poop which made them easy to find from a distance.

A very old tree fern (6) with many rings from where fronds had grown and dropped off on Motuara island.

The ecotour was fantastic- the guides and captain were great at explaining and describing everything and their enthusiasm was contagious. I’m almost afraid to go on another tour as this one was so amazing!


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