Abel Tasman: 3 days of kayaking and camping

This was fun- the weather was warm and sunny, the kayaking probably less than 4 hours per day so quite easy (and in tandem kayaks) and that camping quite civilised (in tents but with toilet facilities). Bathing facilities provided by the Tasman sea! I’ve conquered my apprehensions about camping (at least when a guide is fully catering it) and didn’t actually care that I couldn’t bathe properly in 3 days. In the past this would have been a “thing” but in recent months I’ve embraced the holiday/seaside mentality of sea swimming= clean. It helps having short hair. It helps even more when, on day 3 while waiting for the bus back to Nelson, there is a mass migration of kayakers to Toad Hall (pub/grocery store next door to sea kayaks HQ in Motueka) forgoing shower opportunities at the latter! This sums up the group- laid back, ready to help a Londoner with her tent, and nice to chat to of an evening. Our guide was about as laid back as the come as well and we had a fair few laughs with him, notable were his hipster jokes and ability to convince us that underwater 3m waterfalls were real. Plus we saw pied shags (with tuxedos), seals, and stingrays!


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