Zealandia: coffee, cake and endangered birds

A very moody and misty weekend in Wellington leant itself well to shooting some endangered birds. With a camera (come on).

We saw saddlebacks, hihi, tui and glorified blue chickens. Horrid mallards (these are available in Canada! Get out of here, my dears!) were actually nipping at these cobalt beauties. In the 1870s this area was dammed to create a reservoir. Now the lake is part of a habitat for these birds as well as other creatures such as the tuatara (a lizard) and wetas (plump creepy crawlies that can jump and bite).

Zealandia has a cafe that makes great coffee (a must!) and has splashed out on a modern interpretation centre for when it’s really peeing outside. A highlight was being asked to check my bag for mice, rats or cats before entering the sanctuary..! I’ve started to think about my handbag differently since 😉


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