Wintergarden and park: Auckland day 2

On my way to Parnell I couldn’t turn down the challenge / pleasure of making the walk more scenic by traversing a large green blob on Google maps. I never made it to Parnell! I spent a few joyful hours exploring the flora and fauna of the winter garden. I’m now thoroughly confused by winter vs summer. The greenhouses were full of beautiful and slightly odd plants. I tried to photograph a tiny lizard but it was too small and quick for my wide angle lens.

I never made it to the museum either. Come on, be indoors on a 24C day?! No thanks. I did however darken the awning of the Wintergarden gelato awning and walk away with a passion fruit waffle cone.

I ended the day by meeting a real Kiwi and his colleagues at the pub – yes they do go in for Friday drinks here and there are beers available for under $4 if you go with the specials. Nice one Gaz!

I had a cheeky Oreo and marshmallow cookie from the Moustache cookie and milk bar on the way home.

This place is an awesome mashup between the UK and Canada!


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