Creases are the least of my worries

In my slightly maniacal minimalist packing stage, which thankfully wound up today, I came across One Bag. This is not so much a handy tip-filled website as a mindset, a way of life. While there may be people out there who carry no luggage at all or cut the handles off toothbrushes to save weight (true story!), for me it’s more about not bringing 14 pairs of panties and a hairdryer. And so far, so good.

My Achilles heel is my camera. Do One-baggers drill holes in these as well? I can’t not bring a second lens – objects distant and tiny already mock me by being difficult to capture with an iPhone camera (not really a thing as it’s already part of another thing that does something different, so doesn’t count as a camera…). 

So I began the day with a double bed covered in clothing and a bit of other stuff and have ended the day with a large backpack (that will have to be checked in as it is taller than 55cm) and a small carry-on. Yes – TWO bags.

I’ve taken stuff out and put different stuff back in. I’ve told myself that I’m not attached to anything (except the camera) so much that I couldn’t abandon it if need be. I’ve wondered how aerosol cans fail to explode or catch fire on planes given the vivid safety warnings. I’ve pondered the liquid-gel-paste-lip balm spectrum – toothpaste is a gel (even though called a paste) though buttery lippy is somehow safely in the solid camp.

And not to be overshadowed by any of this, the New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card and its plethora of frightening questions. Does any of your stuff contain: animals, animal products, vegetables, fruit, wood, anything used to make clothing, anything else? This is only a slight exaggeration.

One more sleep…and then one on the plane!

Creases are the least of my worries


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