Travel insurance was cheaper in England…

Upon checking the details and exclusions of my multi-trip, worldwide travel insurance purchased in the UK, I noticed the maximum trip duration is 45 days. Another bit of random fine print (most insurance fine print is either extremely morbid or hilariously random).

Several policies today have made reference to double dismemberment and loss of vision. Or accidental death on board the airplane en route – that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

I’ve seen gradations of activity that are incomprehensible to the average person: scrambling (climbing boulders without equipment) is far more deadly that hiking or rambling (and do not for a second assume that hiking and rambling are the same thing!). Forget that sometimes both of these are necessary on what the English call “a walk.”

To boot a Canadian single-trip cover for a 60+ day trip starts at 8-10 times more expensive ($200ish) than one year of UK multi-trip coverage (£20ish). Canada doesn’t have a meercat to compare or a money supermarket. We have Kanetix and a basic travel insurance aggregator instead.


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