The packing list

Shoes are apparently optional even in Auckland. The water is too cold for swimming in many parts (bring a shortie wetsuit?). Bring a camera. I do not want to bring a laptop so will compromise on bringing a tablet.

Rick Steves has general male and female lists. has an NZ  and female-specific list with amusing annotations such as “trainers (normal shoes in America).” There are probably dozens of other lists.

My essentials?

  1. Camera (DSLR, 2 lenses, charger, memory cards)
  2. Clothing (t-shirts, swimsuit, shorts, jeans, fleece, bra and undies, hat, sunglasses, waterproofs, socks, sundress)
  3. Shoes (trainers, hiking sandals) as my feet are tender
  4. Pen and diary
  5. Tablet and mobile phone (thankfully unlocked)
  6. Toiletries, high SPF sunscreen and contact lens paraphernalia
  7. First aid stuff (paracetamol, plasters, Compeed, scissors, immodium, antacid, lady things etc)
  8. Guidebook(s) – this is the beauty of the tablet – it houses many books and is thinner than the thinnest Itchy guide. I have the Rough guide, the Lonely planet and plan to add guides for Melbourne and Sydney.
  9. Passport, insurance information, itinerary, contact information scans of these things
  10. Hydration pack, compass, Nuun tablets, flashlight, travel towel
  11. earplugs, eye mask, long-acting antiperspirant – that’s how I roll when I sleep
  12. Duct tape, sewing kit

Things I am considering

  1. Hiking boots – would be nice though my trainers are actually hiking shoes and I may not have room to bring these
  2. A shortie wetsuit – I must swim! Goggles and rash vest as well.
  3. mouth guard – a new addition to my sleep ritual preventing bruxism and possibly morsicatio buccarum, the question is, can I be bothered?
  4. hostel sheet (do I need?)
  5. Sarong (or can number 4 above double as a sarong?)
  6. Apps to aid (a) photo downloading from Canon DSLR to tablet (b) travel apps © spending tracker apps (d) photo backup (looking up flickr as I type this..) or
  7. Any other thoughts?

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