The Round-the-World question

Wikitravel has an interesting summary of round the world flight offerings. I’ve spent the last hour and a half on Star Alliance and OneWorld, the two largest air travel consortia, only to find that my desired itinerary, as it emerges, is not really catered to. Star Alliance insists I not cross the Pacific more than once and estimates a hefty C$9000 for the pleasure of an extended RTW journey. OneWorld offers ‘Circle Pacific’ which is theoretically perfect but is not supported by the actual booking system! When I pretend I actually want to go around the world and start booking the flights (sigh, so much for spontaneity!) there are areas that are just not available and this isn’t solved by picking another day…

Others such as promise tiny fares but require calling an agent to find out about the small print.

This has probably opened the door to sketching an idea of what I want to do and booking the “there and back” flights. I think there’s a gap in the market for serendipity!

I’m honing in on New Zealand with side trips to Australia, some of the islands (Norfolk? Fiji? Vanuatu? New Caledonia?) and possibly a stop in Hawaii on the way back. Other far-flung destinations are also more far-fetched though not impossible: Chile, Mexico, Nepal. I need to ask myself at what point does this mushroom into many, many trips rather than one manageable trip. There will be a break at Easter so the time divides into two (nicely? awkwardly?) with the original idea being to travel around coastal BC (West Coast trail or the Queen Charlotte Islands) in spring/summer.


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